5 Factors Not to Have a New Roof Covering Installed Over an Old Roof covering

You need a new roof covering and also are attempting to make a decision whether or not to attempt as well as save some money by having the brand-new roof covering set up over an existing layer of roof. This method is fairly usual in numerous areas and many professional roofer don’t see any type of problem with this method and also have no worry attempting to offer house owners on a lay-over or go-over as this strategy is called. They are wrong.

5 Top Reasons A Lay-Over Or Go-Over Is A Bad Idea When Re-Roofing

1.) Locations that have or had leakages can’t constantly be resolved correctly

There is a good chance that your old roof had some trouble locations consisting of possible leak areas, whether you saw them or otherwise. Without detaching the old roof covering and appropriately determining these kinds of trouble places as well as figuring out where the leak was coming from and also taking a trip to it is difficult to inform what areas of your roofing might need some unique focus.

2.) Any decomposed wood under the existing roof will only become worse

These rotted locations need to be identified and also replaced before a brand-new roof is installed. Obviously if your roofing specialist is just doing a lay-over roof installation then these decomposed locations will stay covered up and also only obtain worse as the years go on.

3.) Eaves, rakes and also valleys need unique therapy

The eaves, rakes and also valleys of your residence demand special focus when your home’s roofing is being mounted. When a new roofing is correctly installed the roof covering specialist needs to place brand-new aluminum drip-edge around the whole boundary of your roofing.

Next they require to apply a 3 foot wide area of ice & water barrier around the boundary as well as in any valleys on your roof. On a lay-over kind of roof set up, the roof covering contractor is counting on the existing items on the home’s roof covering to still be up to par as well as be able to manage the winter problems.

4.) Additional roofing weight is no great for old rafters

Currently in a lot of scenarios a 2 × 6 rafter is undersized to start with and you absolutely don’t want to be adding the weight of a brand-new roof layer on top of an old roof covering layer to these currently undersized rafter systems. With more recent roofs utilizing 2 × 10, 2 × 12, crafted trusses, and so on the weight isn’t constantly as much of a problem.

5.) Much shorter roofing system life expectancy

A lot of responsible roofer agree that a lay-over roofing system will reduce the new roof’s life time by concerning 25%. This truth alone implies that any loan you might have conserved by doing a lay-over, in contrast to a tear-off and brand-new roofing mount, was only a short-term savings. On top of that, you now have 2 layers of roof that will certainly need to be eliminated the next time your roofing system is done which will additionally include even more expense to the job

Tear-Off Then Re-Roof Is Always Superior

Well, I just provided you 5 very good factors to tear off your old roofing and afterwards mount your new roofing system. Yes it can be less costly in the short-term to do a go-over on your old roofing, yet, in the long term it will certainly cost you more. We never suggest this strategy to our clients. We constantly suggest entirely tearing of the old roofing, taking care of any underlying problems, then setting up a fresh, gorgeous brand-new roof covering that will certainly last longer than any type of lay-over roof covering along with far better safeguard our consumers’ homes.

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You require a new roof and are trying to decide whether or not to try and also conserve some money by having the new roofing system set up over an existing layer of roof covering. When a brand-new roof is effectively installed the roof contractor requires to place new aluminum drip-edge around the entire border of your roofing system.

On a lay-over kind of roof set up, the roof covering professional is counting on the existing products on the residence’s roof to still be up to the same level as well as be able to deal with the winter season conditions. The majority of responsible roof contractors agree that a lay-over roofing system will lower the brand-new roofing’s lifetime by concerning 25%. We constantly advise totally tearing of the old roof, fixing any underlying troubles, then mounting a fresh, stunning brand-new roofing that will certainly outlive any type of lay-over roof as well as better secure our consumers’ houses.

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