Double Stroller Review

The canopies on the Cortina together have several great features. The front canopy can be moved into any position, so you’ll be able to block the sun from shining directly on your front rider no matter where it’s shining from. The back canopy can also be positioned however you like, and the back few inches is made out of clear peek-a-boo material so that you can see your baby at all times.


Double Stroller Review

The handlebar is adjustable into three different positions to accommodate whoever is pushing the stroller. It can be positioned down, straight, and all the way up. It’s 38″ tall in the bottom position, to 42″ tall in the top position.

The underneath basket on the Cortina Together is large, and will fit virtually anything you need, including a large diaper bag. One thing to keep in mind is that the child who is riding in back will have their feet in the basket, so you have to work around that. One great feature is that the back of the basket can unzip for when your back seat is fully reclined. This gives you easy access to your storage basket no matter what your seating configuration is.

The tires on this stroller are 9″ foam tires in the back, and 8″ foam tires in the front. The back tires feature a one-touch breaking bar that you can effortlessly use with your foot. The front wheels are swivel wheels, but you do have the option of locking them straight.

This is a full size double stroller, so it is going to take a little effort to push if you have two kids on board and extra stuff you’re carrying. You’ll basically need two hands to steer this stroller, for obvious reasons. The large tires make maneuverability much easier, but obviously it’s not as easy to push around as a single stroller.

The Chicco Cortina Together has one of the easiest one-step folding mechanisms of any full size double stroller. You simply grab the folding handle that’s inside the handlebars, you pull on it and fold down at the same time and the entire stroller transforms into a slim and compact package. When folded up it will fit into most standard sedan trunks, although it will take up the majority of the room. The Together weighs 30 pounds, which is quite a bit lighter than other double strollers its size.


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