Unfortunately, if you decide to get divorced, you have to discuss clearly who gets what. Everything you have purchased, received, or saved while you are still living together should be divided accordingly. When this time comes, you should be ready to sit down with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse and negotiate a financial settlement. Preparation for divorce settlement is as stressful as the negotiation itself. Thus, to get a successful settlement, you should primarily: (1) have a clear understanding of the present situation and (2) seek professional assistance from reliable lawyers to ensure the security of your interest. Before sitting down for negotiation, make sure that you thoroughly consider the following things: Tip! If one party is not committed to the Process.


Know exactly what your marital assets are – Decide how you can both benefit from shared business or professional practice – Consider support for the family, especially the children – Determine and consider your pension and its beneficiaries – Focus more on real value, rather than sentimental ones – Differentiate what you need from what you want. – Be realistic with your demands Remember that you must be represented and advised well to be able to negotiate effectively. Know what part of your marital assets and married life you can realistically expect to keep, not only as you prepare to negotiate your settlement, but as you live your life apart from the other person.


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