What is one of the best Sim Only providers for 2019 in the Netherlands? Check out these awesome scores and statistics!

KPN is the best provider for sim-only abonnementen for the second quarter of 2019. Together with Simyo, the Dutch market leader scores best according to the Consumers’ Association. The Consumers’ Association checks every quarter to see which provider is the best. KPN is at the top of the list with an 8.3 together with Simyo. The worst provider in the Netherlands also gets a good pass.

  • In Dutch, the providers generally score well, according to the Consumers’ Association. Even the last three are still doing well (7.8 and 7.7). It should be noted that the well-known brands Tele2 and Vodafone can be found in the lower region.

KPN and Simyo share first place

Both KPN and Simyo score a good 8.3! Both providers have a very high overall customer satisfaction. Simyo even scored a 9.7, while the satisfaction of KPN customers should not be out of place with a 9. Last quarter, sim only provider Simyo was also at the top of the list with a score of 8.2.

  • At that time, the budget provider only had to tolerate Simple above itself. The provider receives fewer complaints about calls and SMS and users indicate that they are very satisfied. At KPN, the high score is mainly due to a positive change in the conditions. Thanks to the new Hussel subscriptions, users get more freedom and choice options. The provider received the highest number of reported complaints about calling & texting.

About KPN

Since October, KPN has a completely new sim only offer, KPN Hussel. You get all the freedom you need from the market leader in telecom in the Netherlands. The new offer is available from a monthly subscription to a two-year contract.

  • The sim only bundles consist of 150 minutes or unlimited calls. This includes five data bundles from 0 to 20 GB. If you are already a KPN customer, you get an extra advantage. You can also choose from the provider’s unlimited data subscription. In the EU you get 20 GB, which is much more than with T-Mobile or Tele2.

About Simyo

Simyo is a prize fighter with a very good name. The sim only provider regularly drags in the price of the best provider. The budget provider uses KPN’s premium network.

  • The price is low. At Simyo, you can already call and surf the net from 10 euros per month. The sim only offer is extensive. You can choose between a monthly cancellable subscription or one for a year. The data bundles range from 0 to 8 GB and you can choose from 100 min, 300 min or unlimited calls.

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